Time Through Backwards Traveling Go I

  • Posted By Brooke Burgess Eye
  • With a milestone bday in less than a week, the start of a curious new forum thread, and some intensely personal seeds for the next project being planted, this crusty old Solar Twin is being forced to look through the fat end of the chronoscope. More accurately, I can’t help but think of that riff in Waking Life – two friends talking about the cyclical nature of cellular decay, and how our bodies are completely NEW every seven years. Think about that. Every quark and atom and molecule and cell in us all has been born, put to work, sloughed off, and replaced – several times over. Five cycles here, if you must pry.

    Who will I be on this next spin of the fleshy wheel of Chance and Karma? Something new? Something better? And will that lonely little guy – the one in the gingham button-up and hand-me-down sweater vest – will he finally feel safe enough to smile when the cameras aren’t looking?

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