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  • Just got word that the online store at Future Shop is finally getting restocked this week – hard to believe that they sold out so quickly, but I guess they only put 50 or so copies for cyber sale. So far, it looks like we’ve sold well over 300 sets in just over 3 weeks at FS, which is really great news!

    And as I mentioned in the last newsletter, if we’re somehow able to rock through 1000 before the end of June, then it’s almost an assured thing that BEST BUY (US) will make a very healthy order for stores below the 49th! So obey the ad to the right, dear Saints (if you wanna keepsake, it should be in select Canadian newspapers next week) – storm your local Future Shop en masse, scope out the HD Trailer on their mongo screens, and snap up the cheapest edition of the saintly saga anywhere on the planet.

    Just think…the harder we hit ‘em, the sooner we can stop acting like dimestore hos! (yes, yes…I’m feeling particularly saucy today :) )

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