Goodbye to Comicon Friends…

  • Posted By Brooke Burgess Eye
  • Hey gang…we’re back on the long and winding road through Cali – this time on a northerly vector – with the lead-footed hope of beating our time down and reaching the Canuckle border sometime late tomorrow. Chances are good that we’ll pull it off, as the car’s considerably lighter than when we first packed it (yay DVD sales!). 🙂

    The nicest surprise of the show? What…BESIDES ogling awe-inspiring cosplayers? Or hearing Kevin Smith’s dick jokes in person? Or having Jeff and Jamie with us pimping their indie comic (Efraim, you were honestly missed)? Or staying at a dream-pad thanks to the immeasureable generosity of Fallen Angel’s folks? Or the fact that the Freeman crew at the Convention Centre could probably set up and tear down the Apocalypse in a half-day (and that’s INCLUDING union breaks)?

    Well…the coolest thing for me would have to be a combo of connecting with old friends (Gabe and Tycho of Penny Arcade pictured above – thanks for the link, mates!), making new ones, and finally meeting a scwack of saintly hardcores in the flesh!!!

    Consider us addicted, gang…many more such trips to come. But for now, I should get back to traffic and map duty for Kim so we can make it back in one piece from this amazing journey. Much love – and more pics soon!!!

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