More like GUARDIAN Angels…

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  • Just getting our bearings after a whirlwind drive home that saw us incident-free on the road (though pushing 100mph on more than one occasion) and whisked effortlessly across the Canuck border (‘Nothing to declare? Sounds good – welcome home.’). But the real blessing for the BS Crew? The jaw-dropping – nay, DIVINE generosity and support of hardcore fan Fallen Angel and her incredible folks. Not only did FA work the booth in Shannie attire for the ENTIRE Con (attributing to more than her fair share of sales AND photo ops, let me tell you!), but her Mom and Dad opened their doors to us…literally! Kim, Drew and I were offered the warmest of welcomes, the sweetest of digs to crash in, and the finest of food to devour (Dutch pancakes, grilled artichokes, and bottomless vino? Heeeeaaaavvvveeeeennnn!!!).

    Right about now, I’m feeling that a bottle of BC Cab/Merlot and a couple of deli desserts as offerings just didn’t cut the mustard. They couldn’t. Not in a million years. The Saints can only shrink in the shadow of the Angels…and I can only hope and pray to be half the human that they collectively embody. Endless thanks, dear friends…and infinite respect from our shore to yours.

    Word is bond.

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