Let the Revelry Begin!!!

  • 2006 – HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!Eye
  • A sweet electric missive from faraway techie pals in Australia…

    A raised glass or three from Ian in London….

    A heartfelt text message from Zephie, in the depth of Clog Country…

    A telephonic tryst with Tobias amidst rooftop fireworks in Berlin…

    It’s not even midnight in Vancouver, Canada – and I’m already celebrating my blessings in the face of the coming year. Some have posed the theory that tonight’s televised BS marathon is a sign of ‘good things’ to come in 2006.


    But for me – to be surrounded by an ever-growing cadre of folks that I can wholeheartedly call friends – the ‘good things’ aren’t off on some distant horizon – they just keep rolling in like the tides…day after glorious day..

    Thank you. All of you.

    So with that, let’s rock with truthful tongues, raised fists, and open hearts for the next 365. Just promise to send pictures – we want to share our family with the world! 😀


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