new years’ insanity!

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    Hi all… thought I’d drop a line to add my happy new years to Brooke’s, and add a homespun pic (taken by Athanasia) to give an impression of the crazy organic anarchistic chaos that is Berlin on New Years’ Eve. It is really one of those things which, in my father’s memorable phrase, can be experienced but not described; 360 degrees of complete madness, noise and smoke and general absurdity that kind of overwhelms the mind and senses which is thrilling and terrifying and hilarious in equal measure. Highly recommended, if you find yourself in these parts at any point…

    A few links – first, to a few more photos from the madness described above. Second, a couple of lists – a top ten and a top twelve – to keep us with the program. Then, some thoughts on the future – some extremely chilling, some downright comforting, and some surprisingly positive – which is not a bad thing to leave you with for now… I hope 2006 is all you want it to be, and holds more pleasant surprises than unpleasant. And, if not world peace, then at least something worth hoping for. More soon…
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