tarp dwellers

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  • (posted by tobias)
    Urgh. This is probably not as interesting as jetsetting around and hanging out with lovely forum ladies like Brooke, but sometimes you gotta tell it like it is, and this is how it is: we are being painted. Top picture: the entire contents of my erstwhile studio, stacked chaotically in the space beneath our loft bed. The studio room is completely empty, which makes for a pretty boring picture, so I left it out. Bottom pic: the rest of my poor sad apartment, also stacked and under wraps. It’s kind of like camping, except less fun and more uncomfortable, and with poorer air quality.

    The upshot: the water damage from upstairs neighbors, which caused all this mess, miraculously did virtually no damage to anything in the studio (and left my precious grand piano untouched as well!). So overall I guess we’re still in the black. Even though the paint is as white as snow.

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