Support a Saint – Aaron G’s book is here!!!

If you can’t help your friends, then what GOOD are you???

Aaron Golden (CotC to oldschool forum freaks) has been around BS since the beginning…and by that I mean genesis, folks. When I wanted to bounce early story arcs off of someone, I’d bend his ear first. When I was trying to find just the right name for everyone’s favorite troubled Arab, he brought the goods. And when I sought a respectful and gut-given chapter critique – mere hours after a new one was launched? His was the review I most craved.

So the least I can do – the most minimal of thanks, all things considered – is to trumpet his first officially published work – SWANN. Seriously – the guy got on Amazon before us (well, maybe Tobias beat him to it) , and apparently he’s already cranking through hundreds of copies and receiving generous dollops of kudos and critical acclaim!

The reviews are passionate and strong – reflecting the work within. I’ve known Aaron since this idea began to take serious root, and I’ve watched its creation literally transform him. Poetic, painful, and often profound, he has a unique style that mirrors a crystalline intellect…and a chaos-ridden heart.

I think more than a few of you can relate – this project being a blinding beacon of angst, and all – so buy the damn thing already. He deserves your fiscal support on the sheer courage and creative efforts alone.

And on a final note, peeps – Kim and I are off this weekend to the big Seattle Con‘ to spread the saintly gospel and raise a few glasses with old friends. Expect a newsletter early next week with show feedback, summer contest info (hmmmm?), and a hefty revelation or two…

Oh – and treats. Don’t forget the treats.

Word is Bond.


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