Quentin Grey swings our way….

fan art 5

  • Posted By Brooke Burgess Eye
  • Actually, I swung his. And yes, I know how that sounds – gawd, I love it when you kids hit the gutter with me…it’s like swan diving into septic tanks. :P

    But this shot was snapped at the end of my brief sojourn to Toronto last week, where the BS answer to Trent Reznor (left) took me out for beers at the city’s infamous Bovine Sex Club. It’s a rock/goth thing. Seriously! Man…this just isn’t sounding any better, is it?

    Along for the ride was guitar guru Josh (just listen to the fights in Chapter 3 and 19 – his shizz tends to stand out), and I got them to promise to make more music. Someday. Soon. If they’d stop spending so much energy looking cool and disenfranchised, it might actually HAPPEN. Combine this likelihood with the whole German Pope thing, and we’re well on our way to Weirdsville – Population: Us ;)

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