Friday Fan Fun (Deux)

Fan art 3

  • Posted By Brooke Burgess Eye
  • Last post before we get into the weekend ‘tendo vittles, folks…promise. But I wanted to pop up another fan contribution from old pally and fan forum lurker ‘Solace’. I’m not sure if this was done in oil or acrylic – or what the canvas is for that matter – but she swore that her acoustic inspiration for the brushstrokes was Tobias’ sweet, sweet soundtrack goodness!

    As we trumpeted a week or so ago, we WELCOME photographic and artistic contributions of all shapes and sizes to our wee corner of the cyber ‘hood. Got a nice handful of shots and snaps currently in the queue, but most of it’s from the usual suspects – so get off your keisters and put your pencils, crayons, and lenses to work! Do we have to remind you? SWAG is up for grabs, baby :D

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