BS Goes Big-Screen April 30th!!!

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  • Posted By Brooke Burgess Eye
  • Eassssy tigers, we’re not an official studio project…at least, not yet 😉 But our provincial version of the Emmy’s – dubbed the LEO AWARDS by local production and performance chiefs – is holding a film festival next weekend, and guess who’s snagged some screentime! Yes indeedy, Saints…all five parts of CHAPTER 20 (considered to be the ‘spiritual climax’ of the series, and the trippiest of the bunch) will be showcased on Saturday, April 30th (5:30PM) at the lovely Pacific Cinematheque in downtown Vancouver.

    Double-bill tix are available for 12 bones, but we’ve bought a block to give away to crew, cast, and any diehard saints that can make it to our shores! All you gotta do is drop DVD ‘project manager extraordinaire’ Kim Violato a line (kim @, and she’ll get you signed up in a jiffy for a date with us in a darkened theatre. And, if you promise to share the popcorn and nibs, we’ll make sure the 5.1 is cranked to heavenly decibel levels.

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