International Manga and Anime Festival seeks Outstanding Contribution nominations…

Loosely quoted from the BS Forums:

“Not sure if anyone knows or has heard about the IMAF – it stands for International Manga and Anime Festival.

Anyway, it’s an annual festival in London,UK, that celebrates everything Anime and Manga. They also hold a competition with a variety of different catergories. This year, IMAF created a new catergory called “Outstanding Contribution”, which recognizes an individual or group of individuals’ work in the advancement of Manga and Anime.

The website should announce all the nominees this week. Broken Saints was mentioned but if you want to see it win, please visit this thread and show your support!

They want to hear what the nominated group has done to promote/expand/support Manga and Anime (as an art form, for other creators, style, etc). Perhaps you can post about your experience with BS and what it means to you and to the Anime/Manga community.

This would be a great way for fans to spread the good word even further!”

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