Broken Saints Selected Soundtrack !

Broken Saints Selected Soundtrack

Broken Saints Soundtrack – selections

(posted by tobias)

Hi folks… Some of you may have noticed that several of the soundtrack volumes were offline at CafePress for the last couple of months. Or perhaps no-one did. In any case, in the course of fixing that which needed to be fixed, I thought I would take the opportunity to create a version of the ‘Selected Soundtrack’ which we were giving out promo copies of a while back. Anyone who wanted one but didn’t get one, you can now pick one up in my soundtracks shop... so there ya go. All the hits in one convenient package!

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  1. guppy says:


  2. JoshSpazJosh says:

    If you bought some of the Classic soundtracks a while back but want some of your favorite tracks sans fadeouts and sound FX at the beginning or end, this is for you.

  3. Nabothi says:

    I assume there’s nothing new on this cd? Since I already have the original 4 soundtracks… 😛

    *reads Josh’s comment*

    Ah okay. 😉

  4. admin says:

    Actually, there are a couple of new tracks that were made for the DVD release, right Tobes? I think Belief (new chapter 12 act 2 climax) and Titans (Oran and Kami fight)

  5. tobias says:

    … depends on which version of the 4-disc set people have. All tracks from the DVD release are on the ‘new’ versions of the set (released shortly after the DVD, and including the original configurations of ‘Passage’ and ‘A Suite Hereafter’). However, those tracks are not on the first version of the 4-disc set, released along with the online series – the ones with the sound FX and such which Josh referred to.

    Also the graphics have updated to go with the new DVD release.

    Anyway I just figured there were people that might be into the music but not into forking out for 4 CDs… but do want an actual package rather than downloads… well, we’ll see! -t

  6. Rexfelum says:

    Ah, yes. I have both the original and the “post-DVD” versions, so it looks like I don’t need this sampler. Except possibly for the art . . . but if I’m not mistaken, that art is the same as was on the inside of the original DVD itself.

    So, I’m set. Anyone else, of course, is encouraged to enjoy.


  7. Nabothi says:

    I’m confused. Both Belief and Titans are on my soundtrack cd’s (#3 and #4 respectively).

    I guess they might sound a bit different but I’m probably fine with the discs I have now. 🙂
    Good idea launching this though, I could see that people would be interested in a ‘best-of’ album.

  8. tobias says:

    nabothi – you’re not confused, you have the ‘new’ version of the soundtrack set, so those tunes are present. Actually most of the fans who’ve been around for a while likely have most or all of the soundtracks in one form or another, and are hence not the target audience of this compilation. There’s nothing particularly new here, just a ‘best of’ for people who might be new and not necessarily into the full meal deal, as it were.

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