THE VERDICT (Grim YouTubery & Haikuery)

‘An Eye for an Eye’?

Weapon of Mass-Distraction

Death is not Justice

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  1. The Eggplant says:

    My thoughts exactly.

  2. Zeek says:

    At first I thought “Really, hanging? How middle-ages.” And then I wiki’ed hanging, and found that at least 2 US states still have functional gallows.

  3. Unfortunately, I think this was an inevitability. Had Saddam not gotten the death sentence, I bet that 2/3 of America would be up-in-arms, demanding blood and what-not. However, while having him hung (which really seems archaic) will make for a good photo-op for the countless news companies there, it will really allow him to go out on his terms. Now he dies a martyr, while he is still strong and vocal. Personally, I would have thought it more suiting to leave him locked away, so that when he finally did croak, he’d be old and broken.

    *Sigh* First Bush’s cowboy politics, then death by hanging…maybe I should just get my ten-gallon hat out of storage, eh?

  4. Saggio says:

    Man, show trials are great. It seems every illegitimate government wants to have them these days.

  5. Angela says:

    I was actually on break in the cafeteria at work when I saw a report about the verdict…I was immediately overwhelmed to the point of tears. There, before a judge, before the whole world, stood Saddam Hussein being sentenced to death by hanging. No longer the proud, powerful Iraqi dictator, but a broken, defeated old man. His eyes told the story of what he had lost….his money, his home, his life, his sons. It is easy to forget that even a monster like Hussein is still a human being, and that murdering a murderer rights absolutely nothing. Perhaps my tears were more in response to the follow up clip of our illustrious president calling the verdict a huge victory for the fledgling democracy of Iraq. Sad to think that barbarism is celebrated by “civilized” society. Maybe my tears were for my young nieces, knowing that their future is guaranteed to be fraught with more war, more fear, more death and destruction than ever before. Perhaps my tears were for the loss humanity suffers as the killing continues without any end in sight. But I cried for sure out of sadness.

  6. Broken Esper says:

    And to think that the New Testament rebukes a sizable amount of what’s suggested in the Old Testament. I must be way off, right?

    Too bad nobody in the White House has ever played (or even watched) the Banquet scene in FFVI.

    “What Should Happen To Kefka?”

    A. (Execute him!)
    B. (Let him rot.)
    C. (Set him free!)

    I wonder what Bush would choose?

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