Are they going to steal the 2008 election? No, they’ve already stolen the 2008 election.

(posted by tobias)

Well here’s a cheery little wander through the dark and cynical back hallways of Democracy-As-Usual in the good ol’ US of A:

… just in case anyone’s feeling that things can only get better with the GOP on the ropes everywhere you look and Bush’s abysmal tenure at the Oval Orifice grinding painfully to a close… make no mistake, after everything they’ve done to defile the constitution and claim unprecedented unitary power for the executive branch, they have absolutely no intention of handing it over to anyone else… ever, if Karl Rove has anything to say about it… and unfortunately, he does.

There MAY still be time to do something about this, but the hour is very late, people, and complacence is complicity.

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