Dark Nemesis Revealed!!!

A Killing Joke indeed…

Heath Ledger’s serial-killer Joker in Chris Nolan’s BATMAN: Dark Knight has apparently been uncovered in a nifty bit of viral marketing via the gremlins at WB.

There is much to consider here. Comments on anything related to my second-favourite comic icon of all time are welcomed and goddamn encouraged

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  1. Healed Soul says:

    Woah! They’ve gone seriously overboard on the dark side of batman. Which is good, rather than those camp versions.

    Batman is the coolest superhero by the way, who needs superpowers when you can just kick the living poop out of your enemies!

    Can wait for the next film, especially because of Christian Bale 🙂

    Tata for now

  2. Elise says:

    What the hell, he looks like he put his lipstick on in the dark.


  3. I’m diggin’ on this design, honestly. With the darker tone now being utilized in the Batman series, a Killing Joke Joker is exactly what’s needed here. Still amused by everything, but in such a way that it makes him absolutely terrifying to watch. Considering the way that the Joker’s been treated thus far in video media (televeision and movies) I welcome this change in his demeanor.

  4. Texus says:

    WOW definitly not what I was expecting… But one thing’s for sure, Chris Nolan will make it work.

  5. zeek says:

    apperently his origin in the movie’s a bit different..he starts the film as just a thug in a mask, as seen here. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Ledger_Joker_clown_mask.jpg

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