That’s what true love is, folks…

…and he sings it like he means it. ’cause it’s all about having conviction 😀

4 Responses to “That’s what true love is, folks…”

  1. I needed that laugh on this dreary Monday morning. Thanks guys.

  2. neelo says:

    Played this at work, during lunch break….might just dodge the incoming arrest warrant!!! anybody with the wit to rhyme feaces and “needs me” is a true genius! Hilarious

  3. admin says:

    Yeah…the ramp to the end is classic – pokes so much fun at the genre!

  4. neelo says:

    You guys..I was perplexed why this James Blunt clone was up and before the lesbian line I thought I was in a Lear like brain warp. James Blunt has become a cockney rhyming slang term of abuse,..proper order my son…proper order! Will never be able to look at him again without thinking of vomit! Superb.

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