Great Dane! (Haiku)

A modern-day Viking plunders in style!

Say Hi to Emil

BS fan for three years now

Danish DVD!

6 Responses to “Great Dane! (Haiku)”

  1. I regret that i didn’t get a wallposter, it would be cool if it was in the background of it 😛

  2. michael says:

    NIce shirt but i can thelp the feeling that she herself feels alittle awkward. Other than that nice pic

  3. neelo says:

    Hi Emil,

    hope we all can find something in our lives that will inspire and drive us to achieve as consistently as the BS boys. You look optimistic!

  4. Michael, i am a boy! XD

  5. Rexfelum says:

    Don’t worry. Gender-confusion happens all the time. I’m a teacher, and even a STUDENT of mine managed to get gender-confused about me, once.

    Granted, that student CHEATED at the same time . . . and is no longer at the university . . .


  6. admin says:

    Emil’s totally a dude – that’s how they rock it in Denmark! 🙂

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