Olbermann is still THE MAN!

With all the ‘new ones’ Keith has ripped for Georgie-boy, someone should buy stock in colostomy bags…

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  1. Rexfelum says:

    Okay, it’s handy to have more names and such at my fingertips, and I laughed at the “locusts,” but this is starting to worry me. Are his comments getting more and more venomous, or is this just one particularly venom-laden example? Because if he’s just getting more and more venomous, more and more people are going to think it’s not worth listening to him. That is, “Pshah, just another name-caller who doesn’t have anything to say.”

    it would be so much safer, and more effective, if he stuck to his otherwise nicely-done facts. I hope someone tells me that he generally does so.


  2. admin says:

    He generally does so…it’s just that Bush has gotten so outrageous, Keith decided to match them!

  3. opedanne says:

    Mr. Olberman has been covering political news on Countdown now for a couple of years. He has amazing literary skills and an excellent writing and research team behind him.

    His ‘passion’ and revulsion are warranted by the overwhelming FACTS of history in the policies, decisions and statements enacted by this administration.

    To be dispassionate is to be ignorant.

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