Way to rip him a new one, Keith…I just hope there are still some folks willing to listen.

5 Responses to “Mr Bush…SHUT THE HELL UP!”

  1. caroljoy says:

    I posted the full version of the on the forums a while back.

  2. caroljoy says:

    Oh silly me, this is the full version devided into two videos.

  3. Kevin says:

    I honestly hope with all my heart and soul that the Democrats can win bkac the white house. I’m also glad Obama won the nomination, though I would have easily chosen Clinton if it was between her and McCain.

    Bush is a fool, and to think in his Yahoo interviews he claimed to do a good impersonation of Dr. Evil, and that he was supporting alternate sources of fuel (ethanol, you know, great logic to make corn and vegetable oils fuel when food is also rising in prices along with gas). Not to mention his endless amount of lies. His malignant narcissism and ignorance is very clear. Speaking of malignant narcissism, Dr. Mike Malloy of Washington DC believes that George W. Bush is actually a sociopath (go to Youtube and type in “George W. Bush just mgith be insane”).

  4. 4v4l0n42 says:

    > I just hope there are still some folks willing to listen.

    There are. Even from other countries. I feel empathy, for we live a similar situations.

  5. godswiftSE says:

    a perfect BS#!+ rant video in Broken Saints.

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