The Penny Arcade Game…

…is alive!!!

And…is that…ORAN…narrating???


Congrats lads – I plan to climb a Rainslick Precipice or two in due time!!!

18 Responses to “The Penny Arcade Game…”

  1. guppy says:

    Man this not the time not to have a smartphone without flash capabilities… Dangnabbit

  2. zeek says:

    I seriously fear that city-sized steampunk fruit fucker

  3. admin says:

    I’m just so bloody happy they snagged Dobson as the narrator…he’s doing bloody well EVERYTHING for us that’s coming out in the near future πŸ˜‰ GO ORAN!!!

  4. guppy says:

    you know its harder for you to be “mysterious bastards, ” as tobias has been calling, than us fans picking our brains. Spill it brookie its itching to come out ; ) . Jk.

    Always patient fangrrl, guppy

  5. tobias says:

    Hey, I only quoted the mysterious bastards thing, I think it was Zeek who coined it. In any case the wait shouldn’t be too much longer now… and hopefully well worth it in the end…

  6. Nabothi says:

    omg omg Broken Saints game omg omg

    See, now you mysterious bastards hyped me. If it is not a Broken Saints game there shall be epic disappointment. EPIC DISAPPOINTMENT, I say.

    Just so you know.

    omg omg Broken Saints game omg omg πŸ˜‰

    (No really, just tell us. πŸ˜› )

  7. guppy says:

    That’s right it was zeek… And nabolith that would be pretty awesome but hell if it was brokensaints 2: more adventures with oran and raimi I would be excited.. Or even a new music project. Hell I would be happy with cinematic ceral in a glow in the dark box right now… Patience

  8. zeek says:

    guppy: Broken Saints, the broadway musical. I called it now.

  9. admin says:

    Let me be the buzzkiller now…

    Nothing so dramatic as a new series or game…sorry.

    Just a cool little creation with another tie to the film world – we’re just really proud of it, all things considered πŸ˜‰

  10. zeek says:

    Another tie to the film world hmm? Past history of working with Warner Brothers, the whole Vancouver connection, and Brooke’s history of being a huge Watchmen nut..

    I suppose I’d be being too hopeful if I guessed that you guys were doing the confirmed animated ‘Tales of the Black Freighter’? Cause that would probably make my decade.

  11. admin says:

    I wish. But it was nice to be a contender!

    But I have seen footage…of the animation AND the film 8)

  12. Nabothi says:

    Buzz killed.



    But thanks for the nuggets, oh almighty admin! *worships*
    I really liked what you guys did for I Am Legend, looking forward to hearing more.

    Did the Broken Saints game get cancelled quietly btw? The Gnosis website does not mention it anymore and there hasn’t been any news on it at all. Just wondering. πŸ˜‰

  13. Laura says:

    with connections maybe Hancock

    or with all the marvelous clues maybe the incredible hulk?

  14. tobias says:

    keep them guessing… with Oil of L.A.!

    (don’t know where that came from, sorry, couldn’t resist… of course only fellow old-timers will have any idea what I’m on about)

  15. zeek says:

    On a related topic:

    In addition, the studio plans a dozen 22- to 26-minute Webisodes to help make the complex story easier for the uninitiated to digest. Called Ò€œThe Watchmen Motion Comic,Ò€ it will be a panel-by-panel slide show of the graphic novel narrated by an actor.

  16. admin says:



  17. tobias says:

    OK since the blog is broken and I can’t make a new post, I’ll try a comment – I know I already said it privately but here’s a public HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROOKE!!!!!!!!!

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