Blog’s Back Up!

Thanks for the save, Simon – looks like we’re back in business 🙂

Expect lots of posts over the next three weeks – maybe even a newsletter, by golly!

Saintly Smooches


PS – Just received the following through the BS Myspace page…and goshdarnit, this is turning into one pretty awesome birthday:

I just finished the final disk last of BS last week. The reason it took me so long is because I watched the first disk an uncountable number of times before moving to the second. Every time I watched it, I felt like I got caught in a new part of it and lost my focus in meditating on a minor idea in the grand scheme. I finally finished the 3rd and 4th disks over two weeks which involved watching each episode several times and more than a few reviews of the 1st and 2nd disk.
The message is so profound. It encompasses every nearly ineffable concept that I have been seeking clarity on. It is wonderful to know that at least one person on earth could portray such amazing Truths in such a short, powerful story. BS is a “text” to live by. I keep it close to my soul and share the word with anyone who will listen.
Bless you on your path and thank you so much for truly sharing your truth with me, personally. I hope you are well and have peace and prosperity in every day.

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