OK then, even if it is 1 day late…

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4 Responses to “OK then, even if it is 1 day late…”

  1. Crysta Blade says:

    Happy Birthday, Brooke!

    I really loved the Broken Saints series. I was in philosophy class when I first stumbled across it and it really helped to open my mind

  2. dumbwhiteguy says:

    Happy 37th you old decrepit motherfucker.

    I remember when I first found broken saints, I was 14 and playing one of those dress up games on newgrounds when I saw the link to the series. I found it very convenient that I could enjoy new animation and storytelling concepts without having to quit masturbating.

  3. dumbwhiteguy says:

    Or is it your 38th?

    Well whichever one it is, happy belated birthday.

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