Travel Time! (Haiku for You)

Two weeks of goulash

Wave at the Iron Curtain

Brooke…meet Budapest!

(Hey gang – I’ll be back after March 10th, but Tobias should be making some surprise posts now and then, so don’t be strangers 🙂 Until please, don’t forget about our last few original DVD sets over at, with our proceeds going to BC Children’s Hospital!!!)

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  1. GUPPY says:


  2. neelo says:

    Might bump into Julie Delpy…mmmmmm….

  3. tobias says:

    Julie Delpy was actually just in Berlin presenting her film about the bloody Hungarian Countess (the most prolific female serial killer of all time! Convinced that the blood of virgins would keep her young!) at the Berlinale. My wife was at the premiere, where miss Delpy apparently opened the Q&A afterwards with the following words: “What a WEIRD little film!!”… which Athanasia said was very true. Gore galore.

    I’ll let Brooke defend himself against accusations of ‘Filminess’ – though I suppose that word could have more than one meaning?

  4. GUPPY says:

    oh it might 😉

  5. Deozaan says:

    What happened to the site? All the links are broken. 🙁 Is there anywhere I can tell people to go so they can bask in the glory of Broken Saints?

  6. admin says:

    They can go and see the original series at – as for all of the original site, I still hope that we can find the time and funds to reconnect everything to its original state.

  7. Kevin says:


    Long time fan, first time speaker. Nothing but respect for what all you guys did with Broken Saints, my GF and I devoured it last Easter, and we just finished it again recently.

    I’ve had an idea for something that would connect BS with my upcoming PhD projects, but I’d like to run by Brooke first (though I assume you run the blog, but I’m not sure…), since it would involve quoting the text from BS. Basically I’m a literature/philosophy/religion student who has run enough of the gamut to recognize most of the overt allusions in BS, or least ones that I think are overt. Anyway, what I’m trying to get at is no one in the academic setting, so far as I’m aware of, has really attempted a full length project on literary textures of Broken Saints, and I’d like to try.

    So Brooke, if you read this, could you tell me what you think?

    Regardless of the response, nothing but the best to all y’all, and please keep up the good work, you’re setting the tone the 21st century really needs.



  8. neelo says:

    Hey Kev, would love to read your finished opus. Ditto to all your sentiments.

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