A boy scout’s motto: be prepared!

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I thought this was apropo:

Are Violent Video Games Adequately Preparing Children For The Apocalypse?

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  1. Chantal Cormier(Proud Maritimer) says:

    Are they preparing them for the likely and lovely event of the Apocalypse?
    —–> Maybe 😛
    Adequately preparing them?
    —–> No, I can think of better ways… 😉

  2. Broken Esper says:

    Weapons that render their owners into unstoppable soldiers.

    The Gods That Be will shower these weapons from the heavens into the hands of the righteous to provide them with victory over the heartless enemy, who despite having a different face, never really changes.


    That’ll never happen.

    I’d think it’s more important to learn how discern the health of wild fish mindlessly swimming in the confines of a beach.

    We want our yellow-coated friends, waiting for the Storm that already passed, to eat so they can live to mindlessly walk forever in a cabin with a stove that never gets used, right?

    Thankfully, humans are now starting to figure out how to obtain methane gas from the waste of animals. Now we’re just one nuclear war away from ending up with towns that settle disputes with giant playground equipment and render judgement with the Wheel of Fortune hosted by a hunchback Pat Sajak.

    And I thought the sentance that Mad Max recieved was called ‘Cool-Aid’, not ‘Gulag’!

    Serves me right, considering the last time I watched Beyond Thunderdome before this weekend on G4 was in the late 80s (was it ’87, ’88, or ’89) on NBC when I was twenty years younger.

    At least those kids were better storytellers than C3PO was.

  3. neelo says:

    Hasn’t Jerry Springer being doing that all along??? am I missing something???

  4. Broken Esper says:

    Preparing for the apocalypse means learning how to love….

    A HORSE?!?!?


    Maury Povich is worse.

    “TODAY on Maury: Who is the father of…The Anti-Christ?

    The Results are in!”

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