A nice change at this year’s Oscars…

Those deserving of the prize actually won it…

More proof that it takes a person capable of genuine emotion to actually convey it 😀

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  1. neelo says:

    What a movie, she was exhilliarating! It was right up there with last years two foreign language masterpieces, Pans Labyrinth and The Lives of others. Glen Hansards best song was great too. Independence is a state of grace and mind.

  2. Wow, the Oscars already happened? I must be really out of the media loop…for better or for worse! 😛

  3. Rexfelum says:

    In other news, can you tell me what on earth is up with this “comment closing” deal? Comments were closed on a previous post for a while, and this page currently says “Comments for this post will be closed on 25 April 2008.”

    Why? Is somebody going tech-happy and just pushing random buttons on the blog, or is the blog technology actually pushing your buttons?


  4. Rexfelum says:

    And WHY am I being redirected to a page telling me about how “spamblock” failed whenever I try to comment, yet my comments still get through?


  5. tobias says:

    Rexfelum, life is too short to try to figure out all these subplots 😉

  6. Rexfelum says:

    But . . . !

    There has to be some symbolic meaning . . . !


  7. admin says:

    Spam is nuts…Ian’s brother activated some new plug-ins. I don’t understand ANY of it, as usual LOL

  8. Elise says:

    Absolutely loved that movie. I actually gasped the first time I saw it, when she came in as the Old Piaf.

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