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Monday Media Mania

Monday, November 7th, 2005

Some tasty treats to keep you slap-happy whilst we beaver away beneath the frozen Canadian tundra ;)

Broken Saints Blackbox Skins

Best Flash Music Video EVER

Quake 4 Level Panoramas


As Nick would say…Wookies.



A Saint Gets Published!

Sunday, November 6th, 2005

  • A Poem by Lisa St. Cyr Eye
  • Forum fan and long-time BS pal GYPSY would rock the boards on a weekly basis (before their desecration by hackers :() with poems both personal and profound – in all senses, this is one amazingly gifted gal.

    And with that, we wanted to congratulate her on being published in Vancouver’s RIPE Magazine, thanks to a powerful piece that was first shared in our quiet corner of the globe. With only a week remaining until Gypsy embarks on a soul-shaping 6-month journey to India, it seemed fitting to leave you all with something as inherently touching, as compassionate, as revealing – and dare I say as BEAUTIFUL – as she is.

    Infinite blessings to you, Lis’. The Earth is truly a brighter place with you shimmering upon it.


    i found her in the bathroom.

    i wasn’t the original
    but the wrong people claim it all the time,
    so –
    i found her in the bathroom.

    sitting on a cold ring myself
    with nowhere else to go
    and no one
    to be with at that particular moment i

    hear the loud jibber jabber of girls
    and picture them staring in the mirror,
    pulling shirts down skirts up and picking up
    breasts and readjusting them,
    as if it makes all the difference in the world.

    i imagine this because i know it is happening.
    i’ve seen it enough times.
    venues change but bathrooms don’t and
    neither do the
    women in them.

    but this time was different.

    she caught my eye when i first walked in,
    the stall door cracked open just enough to see
    legs spread apart
    and i thought, well…

    but after a shuffle of footsteps and a final comment,
    “come on, as if we all haven’t been there…”
    i met the hypocrisy of my silent answer as
    no one was in there,
    and she was deathly quiet.

    and that’s when i found her,
    revealing the unsightly
    vulnerability of a no-longer
    pathetically trying to conceal herself with a
    why-did-you-even-bother? patchy shave job.

    toxic fumes of human vomit occupied
    my nostrils and i
    didn’t know what else to do except
    shake and shout
    because that’s the kind of thing they teach in
    first aid class, and her consciousness
    was like an Alaskan winter.

    they also teach to assess the danger
    and i’m no “good samaritan” because almost all of me
    didn’t want to get too close
    for fear
    of being puked on.

    because this skirt, i paid three
    dollars for it, and apparently that means more to me than
    showing this woman genuine love
    because maybe,
    she needed someone to hug her,
    and caress her hair,
    fix it –
    because it needed fixing.
    and you’re probably thinking, what does that matter but
    maybe it does – conscious or not.

    i wonder at the lightness of this girl’s soul
    because she’s alone in a scummy bathroom
    covered with the stench
    of human weakness and she looks

    it took a while but she got-it-together
    with the busser urging “get dressed!” and
    “we’ll drag you out with a bare ass if we have to”
    because she didn’t “have time for this,”
    we never have time
    for the people who need
    it the most.

    her get up doesn’t really need a description
    since i’ve and you’ve seen enough of the
    little-girl-gone-bad runners, knee socks, pleated skirt that
    doesn’t cover an ass if you have one combination,
    and these skirts
    make me sick

    the twisting of men’s desires.

    her’s was covered in puke
    front to back,

    and it seemed fitting to me.

    before being escorted into the police car
    she stopped,
    to do the pull-down-up-adjust combo, but
    spent the longest on her hair.

    the busser said, “you don’t look so hot anyways”
    in other words, it’s a fucking waste of time,
    because you look
    and smell like
    and it was true.

    i don’t know if she saw me…
    but i was standing there with wet towels
    to clean the vomit off her body
    and she didn’t seem to want anyone touching her.

    so i tried to put a water bottle in her
    as if it was champagne for the limo,
    as if it makes a difference.

    she left
    and i stood
    for a few moments with those
    brown soggy towels in my hands smelling
    sickness, feeling sick inside

    because she was beautiful to me
    and pathetic

    unconscious and alone
    lying in her own
    feces and vomit
    like we all are, every day, it’s only a matter of
    admitting it,
    since we rarely get to see it.

    i looked in the mirror and
    fixed my hair, pretending
    wishing it was hers
    because I could have saved her the time,
    while whispering through my fingers,
    “you showed me beauty today…so thank-you.”

    And one more…

    Friday, November 4th, 2005

  • I dare you to make a freakin’ pie! Eye
  • …’cause






    Friday Haiku Hallowe’en Fun (Belated)!!!

    Friday, November 4th, 2005

  • Posted By Brooke Burgess Eye
  • BS pal Landon

    takes the Pumpkin Medium

    To new heights!!!

    Featured Filmmaker One More Time!

    Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005

  • Just got this in the mail…

    Consider everything happening with the DVD lately, it’s certainly not the worst timing in the world :) Oh, and we might have a few more announcements about saintly airings before the year’s out – nice to see that folks are expanding their minds a bit as far as idiot-box content is concerned.

    Hey Brooke,

    I hope all is going well with you. I am happy to inform you that you have been chosen as a ManiaTV! Featured Filmmaker. Your film, “Broken Saints Ep.3″ will air during Too Short For Hollywood at 10 pm EST on Nov 3rd, 11th, 19th, and 23rd, and then Dec 2nd, and 10th.

    Please inform your friends, family, fans and viewers via newsletters and mass emails that you have been chosen as a ManiaTV! Featured Filmmaker and that your film will be broadcasted worldwide to 1,600,000 viewers.

    So yeah…

    Uhh…that’s what I’m doing ;)

    The Big N nabs a Canuck License?

    Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005

    And no…it’s not us LOL. In one of the new media newsletters I get crammed with electronically on a weekly basis, it says that Nintendo has snagged a proprietary writing recognition product. Having just announced a crafty yet philanthropic plan to produce and pimp thousands of free Wi-Fi hotspots, NCL Japan has signed an agreement with Calgary’s Zi Corp that will see the beavers ‘n’ back-bacon firm provide its Decuma handwriting recognition system for inclusion in Big N developer toolkits. Kinda makes sense, with the DS and all…don’t you think? Feel free to post your speculation here. My vote goes to Virtual Chequebook!!! ;)

    Hope you’re digging the latest newsletter in all its sell-outty and rantalicious goodness – drop us a line if the Street Team concept appeals to you. Have no idea what we’re talking about (newsletter wise)? Go here and scroll down…sign-up’s easy peazy!


    Tuesday, November 1st, 2005

    Watch your inboxes later today.

    Check your spam filters if there’s no sign.

    Go to the bottom of this page if you haven’t joined up yet.

    The Saintly Scribe is on its way…and this one’s a doozy.

    Some serious news within, dear friends…hell, the Unsubscribe Rant alone should raise a few eyebrows, fists, and hopefully voices.

    So, eyes peeled.

    Stay sharp.

    It’s coming!