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Tuesday Work Haiku

Tuesday, May 31st, 2005

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  • Hate the old haircut

    But the interview is cool

    You should go here now


    You’re Only As Good As Your Crew!!!

    Monday, May 30th, 2005

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  • Quite the ‘birthday week’ surprise waiting for me upon returning home from some forgettable errands. Actually, the related news was also something I tried to ‘forget’ about, as I’ve found over the years that the Buddhists and Hindus are indeed right – excess longing for any Earthly reward tends to breed its own melancholic gravity. But lo’ and behold – a text message from our old friend Simon Conlin of the Switchstance crew in Toronto, saying that the Fates had smiled down and graced me with the 2005 Producer of the Year nod at the Canadian New Media Awards!

    So…uhh…what can I say? Truthfully, not much – if I learned anything from my main industry mentor, it’s that producers (or ‘talking monkies’, as artists and coders affectionately call them) are only as good as the team they assemble. His analogy was something akin to playing chess; you need to find the right Pawns (short-term contractors), Knights (creative mavericks), Bishops (tangental process drivers), Rooks (broad-skilled managers), and a powerful Queen (project lead) to protect your sorry, Kingly ass. Otherwise…?

    You’re just playing chess with checker pieces.

    Consider this a heartfelt public ovation to an incredibly talented core crew – and a slew of eager artists and engineers – who gave their collective all (and then some!) to make the Broken Saints DVD Set really shine. I doubt I’ll have the opportunity for such a wonderful and spirited collaboration anytime soon, so trust me when I say that each and every memory is a treasured one – far more than any phallic piece of glass could ever be.

    Word is bond.

    Time Through Backwards Traveling Go I

    Sunday, May 29th, 2005

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  • With a milestone bday in less than a week, the start of a curious new forum thread, and some intensely personal seeds for the next project being planted, this crusty old Solar Twin is being forced to look through the fat end of the chronoscope. More accurately, I can’t help but think of that riff in Waking Life – two friends talking about the cyclical nature of cellular decay, and how our bodies are completely NEW every seven years. Think about that. Every quark and atom and molecule and cell in us all has been born, put to work, sloughed off, and replaced – several times over. Five cycles here, if you must pry.

    Who will I be on this next spin of the fleshy wheel of Chance and Karma? Something new? Something better? And will that lonely little guy – the one in the gingham button-up and hand-me-down sweater vest – will he finally feel safe enough to smile when the cameras aren’t looking?

    Ian comes out of hiding!

    Saturday, May 28th, 2005

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  • Just before young master Kirby heads off on a two-week European ‘tour’, he decided to pop his overworked head out of his cramped techno-cave (you remember the studio from the Production Featurette? Exactly.) and hang in the sun with Drew and Tara (Drew’s main squeeze, and the same gal who played the adorable stewardess who wakes up Kamimura in Chapter 10).

    Ian’s finally moved on from the massive and all-consuming Corporation project, and is taking a bit of a breather before tackling a major editing gig (congrats, bro!). But he’s still been a huge help with all things BS, especially the Future Shop stuff ads and trailer – and is still going to be front and center at Anime Evolution in August, as well as our big BS Summer Show.

    So there’s the Saturday report from the homefront. A few of you have been asking about Ian’s whereabouts, and we agreed with GI JOE on this one – knowing IS half the battle! 🙂

    Friday NIGHT Fan Fun

    Friday, May 27th, 2005

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  • Oh that JoshSpazJosh

    Always so entertaining

    And artistic too!


    Friday Fan Fun – Week 5!!!

    Friday, May 27th, 2005

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  • Fangirl MOOSHOO sent us this adaorable take on the BS ‘vagina eye’ – it’s crying, and has lashes!!! So much to say…and so little time 😉

    Also, as the forum folks have already heard via email, we got some initial sales numbers in from Future Shop. After just two weeks in stores (and with no major ads or promotion), we’ve sold over 250 copies of the Broken Saints DVD! Thanks so much to all of you who’ve stormed the shops and/or told your friends to plunk down 40 bones for a trippy good cause. We’re damn overwhelmed!!!

    If we sell another 750 in the next 5 weeks, there’s a VERY good chance that Best Buy in the US will pick us up – at least that’s the way things are looking (we’ll have an official meeting with them at our booth down in San Diego in July). Cross anything that CAN be crossed (fingers, toes, eyes, and…uhh…whatever else works for you), say a little prayer, and keep spreading the good gospel far and wide.

    Just think – the sooner we lock the US and Europe down, the sooner we stop pestering you for favors on a weekly basis 😛

    Someone put us on IMDB!!!

    Thursday, May 26th, 2005

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  • Really nice surprise to pop by the Forums today and see a thread announcing that Broken Saints has officially made it on the Internet Movie Database! You can check it out and vote for us HERE. Big ups to JoshSpazJosh, Efraim, Richard, Zeek, and anyone else I’ve missed that might’ve played a part in spreading the saintly gospel. With friends like you folks, who needs family? 😀

    It’s hard to stay chained to the desk…

    Wednesday, May 25th, 2005

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  • Sorry, peeps…but it’s a (*update*) whopping 29 degrees out – with a sky as blue as the one that Kami talked about in Chapter 6 – and me desperately needs some solar therapy. I’ll likely buckle and take the laptop and some form of camera in case inspiration strikes, but sometimes I forget that the whole vibe of BS was never solely based on blind workaholism. Instead, I like to think that the themes of the series inspire a little inward movement – a subtle shift towards a place of quiet personal and spiritual reflection.

    And today…?

    That’s the nook I’ll be hanging in.

    Peace 🙂

    Haiku Part Deux

    Tuesday, May 24th, 2005

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  • Lone ‘Security’

    Does the irony wound you

    Guarding steel wastelands?

    Another Tuesday Picto Haiku…

    Tuesday, May 24th, 2005

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  • There are no classes

    Where you learn to be this cool

    Damn genetic luck