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The Sunshine Coast

Tuesday, May 30th, 2006

Another clue in the wake…

Will destiny wait

For me to meet it again

across the water?

Haiku of Haste…

Monday, May 29th, 2006

What did Meatloaf used to sing…?

Monday rolls around

feel like a demon possessed

pressure is mounting

I guess this won’t be too painful…

Monday, May 29th, 2006

(posted by tobias)
Well folks, it looks like I’m off to Never-Never-land. Or the closest that enormous amounts of oil money can build, as it were. I have been offered a four-month contract at the world-famous Burj-al-Arab hotel. Yes, that hotel, the one that looks like a giant sail, , beside one of the Palm Islands developments designed to look like a palm tree from space. Let’s just say I am bracing for an extremely wierd but not unpleasant experience, not unlike a visit to the space station except hotter, less cramped, with gravity and what is billed as 7-star service.

Even though they might not let me stay in the Royal Suite (left), or use the helipad tennis court, I am told that otherwise I will have guest status (including use of the fitness studio and spa, below), except that I’ll actually get paid for it – or rather, for my nightly gig in the top-floor restaurant. 200 metres in the air. Yikes.

I’ll also have some time on my hands to get into some new creative projects – I’m taking my laptop-based studio, and let’s just say I am not the only member of the Saints team harbouring Secret Plans. Watch this space for further developments…

– tobias


Friday, May 26th, 2006

The Saints be Televised!!!

(From the Book Television website – looks like we’re airing every Friday now with Batman and The Green Hornet!!!)

10pm ET & 8pm MT

“An unprecedented event in animation, this compelling story about love and sacrifice unfolds in a strange new world on the brink of a terrible crisis. Four strangers receive apocalyptic visions and are mysteriously drawn to a dark city in the West. Their destiny – and that of the world – is tied to a global satellite network, a worldwide conspiracy, and an orphan girl with a horrifying secret.”

Scope the new trailer HERE!

Only 9 Weeks to Go!!!

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006

OMG…We’re ‘legit’!!!

Hopefully most of you have heard the news by now (and if not, then go back to the main page and sign up for the monthly newsletter, slackers!) – a deal with the Devil has been struck, and an all-new version of the Broken Saints DVD Collection is hitting shelves across North America on August 1st! (and soon to follow in stores around the world)

A lot of fans have been wondering if any new stuff will be added (aside from the swanky packaging seen here) – and, as is most often the case in the saintly universe, ask…and ye’ shall receive!

– 53 new creator commentaries, now covering the entire series!!!
– an all-new 5.1 Surround mix, including new voice and music in select scenes!!!
– many art tweaks, including a beautiful new version of Chapter 13!!!
– a 1HR project post-mortem panel with Brooke, the audio team, Telefilm Canada, and David Kaye (LEAR)!!!
– more TV interviews, fan films, doc’ footage, and behind-the-scenes treats!!!
– and yes…a PLAY ALL feature!!!

So yeah…it certainly looks like it ain’t gonna suck, therefore we’re eager to spread the good word on more time. If you’re keen to assist, there are two main ways you can help:

1) AMAZON – the new set’s already listed, and they’re even accepting pre-orders (cheaper than ever – with FREE SHIPPING!). If you’re an Amazonian, then please consider posting a glowing review up there, as well as linking it on your blogs and personal pages. Every little bit helps, and any pre-purchases will spike our ranking and turn much-needed eyes our way! 🙂

2) BS MYSPACE GROUP – another nod from the newsletter, but now it’s official. FOX will be giving away some sweet swag to folks who join our group and spread the gospel to their friends and on their personal pages. Essentially, it’s like a virtual street team, where the top performers will win TV collections, movies, posters, shirts, movie passes, and other limited edition treats. And hey…I think they’re even going to make framed lithographs of the Comicon banners for the really eager beavers 😀

Crazy thanks to everyone who has already enlisted to the cause. Here’s hoping that the BS posse swells into a legion…and the BS legion soon grows into an army. This is our big chance, but we’ll need some serious wind at our backs. Can you all purse your lips and exhale simulaneously?

Peace, Respect (and more than a little excitement)


That’s not a flash making those eyes glow…

Monday, May 22nd, 2006

VFS Lecture Fun!

Originally uploaded by dustinQ.

…just an enlightening time in Gibsons.

Pics up…uhh…maybe tomorrow?

Back for a few days before heading here as a bday treat.

8 weeks and counting…



10 Commandments…the Teen Comedy???

Sunday, May 21st, 2006

You know you laughed…


Bomb, Bomb, Bomb…IRAN!

Saturday, May 20th, 2006

Bush + Boardgame fun = one incredible protest spoof!!!

Taking it all in stride…

Friday, May 19th, 2006

this guy thinks he can catch me… ha!

(posted by tobias)
Greetings from the land of cobblestones!

I don’t think I have written in these pages about my abiding love for the city of Prague. In all my European travels over the past 6 years or so, no place has captured my heart in quite the same way, and I have gone back many times to sample its charms: magnificent architecture, unsurpassed old world charm and vibe, and of course the best beer on earth, plentiful and cheap.

So, recently, somewhat rashly and with insufficient time for proper preparation, I decided to, well ‘consummate’ this love by running the Prague International Marathon. I had run a half-marathon recently, so with an intermediate long run I thought I just might make it, and to add a little spice I gave myself an arbitrary time goal: under 4 hours (those of you keeping track will recall that my previous and first one, in Berlin, took me a hair over 4 and a half).

So after a somewhat over-optimistic first half, and a substantially slower and harder second half, I was very pleased and proud to finish in 3:55 – not exactly enough to get the Kenyans quaking in their Reeboks, but for an old guy like me: not too bad, really.

And for the record: it was, once again, one of the most oddly enjoyable things I have ever done – nothing so fundamentally painful, so utterly-exhausing-for-days, so inexplicable to anyone who doesn’t feel the pull, has ever given me such deep and lasting rewards. Except maybe the Brokensaints DVD…

Anyway, I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: highly recommended.

Fast Food Nation – Linklater style!!!

Thursday, May 18th, 2006

God…with this and Scanner Darkly due, does the man ever SLEEP?