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Spooky Scorpio B-day Haiku!!!

Tuesday, October 31st, 2006

Crazy enough to keep me sane 😀

Without a costume

Still the coolest witch I know

Happy Birthday, Kim!!!!

SAINTS ON THE GO – Part Deux!!!

Monday, October 30th, 2006


Since we launched the IPOD versions of the series last Xmas, more than a few of you wrote in mentioning the format similarities between Apple’s thingie and Sony’s thingie, but screamed the virtues of the PSP’s superior screen and WiFi tech. Sure, you suspected that a game might be in development, but was there anything you could download now to spread the saintly gospel with? Essentially, hungry Sony-heads had a single burning query; was there any chance to watch the latest version of BS on this gorgeous gear without having to wait for some overpriced multi-disc UMD set???

Ask and ye’ shall receive, dear friends.

New chapters are scheduled to go live on a weekly basis starting next month, and it sounds like they might pimp our shizz in some fairly high-profile ways. Combined with some recent trumpeting, it’s a nice bit of momentum heading into the Holidays…and another reason to go all gadget-happy in a loved one’s stocking!!! 😀

Fright Night Fun For All

Sunday, October 29th, 2006

A little Trick…a lot of Treat 🙂

Turn your clocks backward

Roam the streets in demon garb

Hallowe’en is here!!!

Pandora and me…

Friday, October 27th, 2006
Pandora, by John William Waterhouse

Pandora, by John William Waterhouse

(posted by tobias)

So, in a follow-up to Brooke’s long-ago link to the fantastic Pandora online music service, I thought I’d let you know that most (and hopefully soon all) of the Broken Saints Soundtrack is now on the system. I’ve created a rather mellow ‘station’ based on my music, which you can listen to by clicking here… and of course you can create your own, interactive stations easily.

You’ll note that the Quentin Grey tracks are present but, once again, listed under my name. I am trying to get this situation rectified, hopefully soon. Also, there is no cover or artist profile art for my stuff yet, and some of the iTunes links are broken, all of which I’m also working on. However, this probably constitutes the easiest way yet to ‘spread the word’ on the soundtrack – just forward the link to anyone you think might be interested in the Saintly Sound!

In personal news, I completed my third marathon on the weekend, this time in lovely Dresden, crossing the line with a personal best time of 3:43’52” – just inside my time goal (3:45) and more than ten minutes faster than my previous record. Not exactly nipping at the heels of the Kenyan elite, but not so bad for an old guy. Pics and more info, as usual, on my other blog

more soon… tt

‘Freedom to Fascism’ Trailer

Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

Watch the entire documentary for free HERE. Seems a little rickety at first, but ramps up to some chilling observations on global economics and government – seriously worth 90min of your lives.

Put Your Fingers on Your Head…

Monday, October 23rd, 2006

…and say ‘Shalom‘.

Olbermann Uber-Rant: The Death of Habeus Corpus

Thursday, October 19th, 2006

“Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Attributed to Benjamin Franklin

TOP 10 Things Learned on a Roman Holiday…

Wednesday, October 18th, 2006

Romics Festival Fun!!!

Before I run off for another round of reclusive toil surrounding this whole ‘new project thingie‘, I simply must share some essential nuggets unearthed whilst pacing the cobbled pathways, butchering the native tongue, and exploring the ancient-meets-cosmopolitan splendour that combined to make my little Italian escape such a memorable one!

1) Geeks may be the same all over, but Italian geeks are a special breed. The guys are handsome and articulate (see attached pic). The gals are foxy AND friendly. And the teeming masses of fandom are actually interested in how you’re contributing to geek culture as a whole. Not only did a room of nearly 2000 cosplaying Romans give me their undivided attention for an hour+…they asked questions. Interesting questions. Challenging questions. Passionate questions. And in BOTH languages!!! Shit, I’m still receiving question-packed emails almost two weeks on. Bravissimo (which, if examined closely enough, I’m sure is even more linguistic abuse – Ciao, ciao :P!!!).

2) It was sunny and 20C/70+F every day. In October. And supposedly it doesn’t get much colder than that. I even saw a few ‘winter coats’. This particular mediterranean boy – trapped by birth in the Great White North, and cursed with half-years of drizzle in the two-season Pacific Northwest (Dry…Wet…deal with it) – found a little slice of climate heaven.

3) And speaking of slices…I had pizza. REAL pizza. Thin, crispy crust. Orbs of succulent mozzarella. Savoury crimson tomatoes for lifeblood. Crowned with forests of spinach or thinly sliced provolone. Man….this is something you approach with patience. Appreciation. Absolute reverence. Ya’ get me? So fuck you, Pizza Hut. Just fuck you.

4) More food. Simple food. Divine FOOD. Pasta. Paninis. Gelato. Rest. Digest. Repeat. Joy. Ten extra pounds later…I have no real regrets 😉

5) Need I say anything about the local wine (which they are so proud to share and discuss with you at length)? Or the whole-body experience that is Italian coffee (which EVERY Roman seems to embrace, moreso than Sunday prayers and bad politics)? The only thing that stung regarding national beverages? A big bottle of San Pellegrino mineral water – a guilty pleasure here at $4+ – is less than one damn Euro in Rome! Another reasonable excuse to relocate, I would think…

6) You know how waiters in LA consider themselves ‘actors on the brink’? Taxi drivers in Rome, as a whole, honestly see themselves as back-up Andrettis. Racing is worshipped there…so what better job for the heavy of foot and quick of wrist? The next time you come hurtling down a 10ft wide S-curve back-alley – with pedestrians, mopeds, and a 45deg decline – and essentially plunge into a mass of fast-flowing traffic that somehow self-organizes into two working ‘lanes’ without alarm or incident…well, let’s just say I can see now why Italians tend to hog the pole position in F1 😉

7) Not only do the men know how to drive, but they actually look good on the dominant transporatational machinery: scooters. That’s impossible here. Laughable, even. But in Rome? After the hundredth perfectly coifed, pinstiped-suit wearing, even-stubbled, mirrored sunglass-sporting, French cigarette smoking, Prada shoe-loving young businessman zoomed by – in between the odd Smartcar and duct-taped Yugo – I started to get the point. In Rome…it’s not what you drive – but how you drive it.

8) And the women? I could go into explicit detail, but shall focus on the one thing that immediately snared my fancy; Italian girls know how to walk. They don’t shuffle. Or shimmy. Or clomp along aimlessly. Italian girls glide. And saunter. And strut. Whether clad in a basic sport shoe, or towering over the weaker sex in a pair of 8-inch black leather devil-heeled slut boots, these are women who walk with poise and purpose. Which is so contrary to their North Amercian counterparts. And God bless them for that…

9) Everything of real interest is right downtown. In the core of the city. Everything you could want. Or have heard about. Or didn’t even think to expect. Standing there side-by-side with the ‘ordinary’…just down the block. It takes a while to process it. It doesn’t sink in completely at first. Like your very own film on the History Channel. And it’s all…so…beautiful.

10) The Catholic Church has wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much money. Obscene amounts. Sickening piles of the stuff. And they flaunt it. It’s something we all kinda ‘know’…but you don’t truly get it until you’re standing in the belly of the beast. I’m glad I saved all of that for my last day – it was the only thing that made me long for the simpler shores of home.

What’s a guy gotta do…

Friday, October 13th, 2006

happy parents-to-be

Originally uploaded by subtlearts.

… to get a birthday wish around here?

well, since no-one is stepping up, I have to do the tacky thing and say, well, it’s my birthday. 36 times around the sun. Golly me. Here’s a picture of me and Athanasia a few days ago on a little seaside holiday near the Polish border. A good time was had by all.

And while I’m at it, I may as well drop the news that ‘all’ is a little more than usual just now – we are expecting a baby around the end of February. Everything seems to be going well, so I guess it’s not a bad time to spread the good news. So there you go! Another wee Saint to join the fold.

hope you all have a nice day…

Free HUGS Campaign!!!

Wednesday, October 11th, 2006

Huge ups to ECP for hitting me with this…best boost ever upon hitting home soil!!! 😀

You should head over to YouTube and read the comments, too…sounds like this is becoming quite the movement. Send pics/vids of Hug Campaigns in your neck of the woods – it’ll only take a little time, a simple sign, and some love.

More soon…