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Tuesday Fan Fun 2 (Haiku Boogaloo)

Monday, April 30th, 2007

Tyler’s Oran!

Originally uploaded by Broken Saints.

More ‘collage homage’

from BS fan Tyler King

Keep it comin’, man!!!

Tuesday Fan Fun (Haiku)

Monday, April 30th, 2007

Shandala Photoshop Fun by TYLER KING

A long-time Saints fan

Shows us some Shandala love

with more on the way!!!


The first step ‘forward’ in our genre…?

Saturday, April 28th, 2007

I know who’s making this series…

They’ve already admitted that a certain clan from the quiet corners was an influence

After seeing this trailer…?

Well, there’s a part of me that’s flattered…

But the other part wants to ask for royalties 😛

Olbermann rips Rudi a new one

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

(posted by tobias)

Good stuff. Also… read this, if you still have any lingering doubts as to the outright theft of the 2004 election… not that I ever did, but anyway…

Shit on a stick…

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

Kirbs pressured me to sign up to Facebook

So I did…

And then a bunch of you web detectives hit me with this.

Chocolate-covered Jesus! I must be losing my grip…


German Propaganda!!!

Monday, April 23rd, 2007


Broken Saints meets…

Sunday, April 22nd, 2007

Linkin Park???

Whatever your musical tastes, you’ve gotta admit that this is one of the better highlight reels in recent memory. Props and respect to Hydronisa for the unexpected treat!


Saturday, April 21st, 2007

The room spins around my light
Screwing me in tight
Just another page
In my new Manifesto
I am all that I see…
‘cause I burn so bright.

But don’t confuse the sin with the sinner
Quarter-pound lies, abandonment fries
And a betrayal cola – super-size – that is my dinner

You see…it all starts Here.
The Big Bang blood-rush. Alpha-Male flood, hush…witness!
I am all that I see…and this is all that I am.
A one-trick pony: ride me for quarters
A two-faced phony: rushing your borders
A three-pound calzone: made fresh to order
Rocking every nebula
Rolling every galaxy
Raping black holes.

But what else can I be?
You will never know the waste of it…
Crowning a compost heap that smells so pretty
You will never get the taste of it…
Writhing throat-down and stomach-bound in sweat-soaked pity
And you will never see the face of it…
‘cause how bad can it be
when I’m flexing and sexing and savagely perplexing
every bitter clit and twitching tail
with a grin that eats children…
and a heart free of pity?

It all stays Here.
The soul-spinning slit slayer. The presidential pussy player.
Stand and be counted
in this census of One
A 6-side misogynist: like a gambler I risk you
A 5-voice ventriloquist: like a dummy I fist you
A 4-time abortionist: like a death toll I list you
Burning every forest down
Choking every river dry
Blotting out the Sun.

But what else can I be?
You will never live the thrill of it…
Sucking on tender veins until they run dry
You will never feel the chill of it…
Shattering a heart that’s too dumb to ask why
And you can never know the kill of it
‘cause how hard can it be
to keep faking and taking and diagnosis mistaking
Every little lost girl, looking for one more Daddy
that can teach her how to cry?

It all ends Here.
The Big Crunch ring-toss. Omega Man swing-boss.
Kneel and give worship
at this Pillar of Fire
when you believe? I will hook you with need.
when I deceive? You will weep and you’ll bleed.
And as you grieve? I will fuck you and feed.
Splitting every molecule
Smashing every atom
Sodomizing GOD.

The room spins around my mind
Screwing me hard from behind
And I write it all down
In my new Manifesto
I am all that I see
because I have gone blind.

Virginia Tech ‘talk’…

Tuesday, April 17th, 2007

…is happening in the forum.


Pimping ain’t easy…

Monday, April 16th, 2007

Divine Reflections

…but it’s easier when the art/artist is damn talented!

A long-time FOBS (Friend of BS…what else?), St. Even is having a gallery showing of his new collection in East Vancouver starting today. You’ve already had a glimpse of his work, but I’ve seen the rest of the shizz and it kills – a compelling fusion of high-res imagery with acrylic brushwork and post-pro special effects. Techno-Shamanism, indeed…

So, if you happen to be in Van-groovy over the next couple of weeks, then why not pop by the Small World Gallery and show some love for a cool cat and his creative craziness 😀