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Raimi Matthews…getting MARRIED?

Wednesday, October 26th, 2005

  • Pay homage to the Massive HogEye
  • Vancouver voice hotshot, resident stud, and BS star KIRBY MORROW sent us a mail the other day with a mysterious link attached. All he’d say was that he had set up an audition for himself and his longtime gal-pal, where the couple cast (it was supposedly for a diamond commercial) would win a trip to Hawaii. Other local thesps – along with a major Van casting director – were in attendance to cement the air of authenticity. But little did Kirb’s sassy lass know what her mischievous man truly had in store: QUICKTIME HERE.

    Congratulations, mate…another one bites the dust!!!


    Rest in Peace…and Equality

    Tuesday, October 25th, 2005

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  • Weep not for Rosa

    I bet she has a great ‘seat’

    on the Other Side


    Some Sunday Base Boinging

    Sunday, October 23rd, 2005

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  • The title sounds a little ‘blue’, but mega blog Boing Boing posted some great weekend distractions that warranted a mention here for geeks of all stripes. Don’t bruise your fingers in the ensuing click frenzy:

    – Cult net video legend All Your Base gets mashed up with Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody!!!

    – Star Wars (A New Hope) gets the animated GIF treatment!!!

    – an explosive HALO physics experiment!!!

    – BLOODSPELL, the biggest Machinima project ever, finally has a trailer up!!!

    Hope you find these diggable. Links, photos, rants, and fan art goodness are still welcomed and encouraged 😀


    Friday, October 21st, 2005

    You be clicking now.

    Taylor goes down…UNDER! ;)

    Thursday, October 20th, 2005

  • For some reason, dentists love me! Eye
  • Saintly Superfriend Taylor Moll – who offered background assistance on the DVD (notice that nifty 3D sequence at the end of 10 Act 1?), and voiced Kami’s doomed Mom (‘Nanako’ in 20 Act 2) – has left our shores for a wicked 6 month contract in Sydney!

    We’re proud, to be sure – this is a great place to work – but we’re worried that the poor gal’s gonna be a bit lonely overseas 🙁 So if any friendly Aussies want to play host (and don’t push your luck, pallies…she’s happily betrothed!), drop us a line or post on this topic, and we’ll put you in touch!

    Newsletter coming sooner than soon…just been waiting for the go-ahead to share a wee special ‘something’ with you all 😀

    The Saints be Signed…and FRAMED!

    Tuesday, October 18th, 2005

  • The damn kid made me BLUSH! Eye
  • Jay Freestone is from the UK.

    He was in our neighbourhood this summer.

    He got in touch with us, and said many nice things.

    He came out to where we were setting up for the last concert.

    He seemed very happy to see us.

    Andrew, Ian, and I – all with British roots and a deep appreciation for being appreciated – thought he was the coolest thing ever.

    We gave him one of our last Comicon mini-posters.

    He asked us to sign it, which we sheepishly did.

    We just got the digital version in the mail.

    Jay – you remain one of the saintly high points of 2005.

    Word is Bond…even across the Pond!


    Creators Haiku…

    Sunday, October 16th, 2005

  • Suffering from Paperwork Paralysis Eye
  • Patron Saint of Art

    Can you hear our prayers still?

    We so need guidance

    Canuck Post-Thanksgiving Pondering…

    Thursday, October 13th, 2005

  • Mass H5N1 Turkey Cull Eye
  • Our bellies are full

    While the Europeans face

    What could lie within

    Thursday Evil Eye Fan Fun!!!

    Wednesday, October 12th, 2005

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  • We once knew a man name of Nate

    Who thought that BS was just great

    So he bought tasty treats

    And performed artsy feats

    The only thing missing..?

    A PLATE!

    And the winner is…

    Monday, October 10th, 2005

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  • …going to get this game.


    Newsletter coming later this week…

    Good stuff brewing…

    Stay tuned…

    Until then…

    Enjoy this.