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2007 Happy Haikuery!!!

Sunday, December 31st, 2006

Welcome the New Year

With clear mind and peaceful heart

Happiness is born

Wish I Could…

Sunday, December 31st, 2006



Friday, December 29th, 2006

I received the following bulletin on MySpace after reading the official hanging report on Drudge…and it sums up most of my feelings on the matter:

Although there are many who are cheering and celebrating the death of Saddam, I alas am not among them. I do not defend the man or his actions for I was not there to witness for myself, and even then I would not want to be his personal judge and executioner either. There are many who exclaim that an eye for an eye is justice…but I say you are all blind.

There is a lot of good and bad in this world, and it all serves a purpose…most of you are too young to remember and some you are just blind to the truth that Saddam was once an ally of the US government, and when he had served his pupose (or the plan fell through) that he suddenly became the ‘enemy’.

No American citizen can claim any fault against Saddam…for he spilt no American’s blood on American soil – ever. And as for the truth-seekers, you know that neither Saddam nor Iraq had anything whatsoever to do with the events of 9/11/2001.


Saddam, his family, tens of thousands of innocent iraqis, and thousand of U.S. Military personnell have died on the sands and in the cities of Iraq for one cause alone…


Many, including hardcore rightwingers have come to accept the fact that you voted twice
for a man who never deserved to be president – and who stole the election twice to boot – and so whatever happens now is what you deserve to get…

But I will not cheer with the sheep because Saddam is dead – instead, I will pray for a better world and better times to come…I will pray for Saddam’s soul to be recieved by God almighty, and that he might be forgiven for whatever sins God deems him to be judged for in his deeds on earth.

To all the souls that have perished for the evil deeds of men held sway by greed and power, I say this:


And may we all receive forgiveness in the days and years to come.


Friday, December 29th, 2006


My room is dark, except for the screen.

The music is making me feel disembodied.

I was punched in the face tonight…and though the glove was puffy, and the headgear reinforced, the hit was hard enough to make tears flow and teeth ache. Two friendly opponents then bled because of my anger. And frustration. And impotence.

Something just cocked inside – the double-barrels of dread and urgency have taken aim.

I haven’t spoken to my family in over 18 months…out of necessity.

My best friend is leaving the country in a week…perhaps never to return.

And no once-pleasant distraction – be it cinematic, electronic, culinary, erotic, or romantic – holds any truth for me…

Not now.

Not at this moment.

Because there is work to do…serious work.

And I’m afraid to flip the switch…or push the buttons…or punch the code.

I’m afraid to surrender again to the fearsome tides of doing.

I’m afraid of missteps, disappointments, failures, and lasting regrets.

I am so afraid.

And that’s how I know it has to be done.

12 Days of (Curried) Christmas

Sunday, December 24th, 2006

New Saintly Scribe: SOLSTICE EDITION!!!

Thursday, December 21st, 2006

(from the latest newsletter – I wanted to post this and spread the holiday thanks and cheer in case you missed it :D)

Dearest friends, cherished supporters, and saints around the world,

As the year slowly creeps to a close, we wanted to send you a heartfelt reminder of our appreciation. At the beginning of 2006 – after emerging from the depths of another round of production madness on the FOX release of the DVD – we weren’t sure if our efforts were really warranted…or even desired any longer.

Honestly, we were more than a little worried that this final iteration of the Broken Saints saga would fall on blind eyes, deaf ears, and closed hearts – that a collective sigh of disinterest would be heard in corners where there was once a passionate rallying cry for our work. God. it’s so nice to be wrong once in a while 🙂

By the end of October, over 30000 copies of the series had been sold between North America, the UK, Australia, Germany, and Italy. Since then, the BS DVD has received a new online push in Europe and the US, and pre-holiday launches in France, Italy, Scandinavia, Mexico, South America, Korea, Hong Kong, and Japan are making great word-of-mouth waves overseas. With any luck we’ll hit the 50K mark worldwide by January, which is considered a ‘gold record’ for an unknown cult thingie like BS…in other words, a genuine story of ‘success‘.

Every year since starting Broken Saints, it seems the Fates have conspired to remind us of our good fortune around year’s end. Every month, another ripple of goodwill washes over our shores to fill us with renewed purpose and fresh inspiration. Every week, more doors of opportunity get revealed to us – each with increasingly spiffy Welcome mats. And every day, almost without fail, more priceless inbox treasures are unearthed – incredibly thoughtful kudos and kindnesses that continue to lift our spirits, and give us hope for the future of this crazy rock that we’re all surfing through the lonely depths of space and time.

The first Broken Saints trailer and website tests were finished in December 2000.

It’s so good to know – to really, finally GET – that the past SIX years weren’t a waste of thought, or soul, or Being. Not on any level.

You have been more supportive than institutions designed to offer aid. More loyal than those who cry patriotism on every screen. Often more loving than the outstretched arms of friends and family. And, on our luckiest of days, you have personified patience – the patience, in fact, of the Saints themselves.

Because of you, we have become what we had always hoped to be.
Because of you, we know each day that we are blessed.
Because of you, something very special is happening.

Happiest of HOLYdays to all, from our quiet corner of the globe.

May lasting peace and the deepest joy fill your hearts in these times…and the challenging days to come.

Word is Bond

The BS Crew

A VERY special gift…

Wednesday, December 20th, 2006

For that very special someone. Thank you, Justin…gift-giving just got a whole lot easier 😛

More Do-it-Yourself Shizz: STOP MOTION

Tuesday, December 19th, 2006

And they only used basic Mini-DV cams and Final Cut Pro!!!! WOW.

Congratulations…to us ALL!!!

Monday, December 18th, 2006

TIME’s Person of the Year was this…
or the Iranian dude.

As the data flows

so do the reins of power

We humbly accept!!!

Sunday treats…Galactica style!!!

Sunday, December 17th, 2006

The last eppy of BSG for 2006 – The Eye of Jupiter! – in all its cliffhanger coolness.