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Friday Fan Fun – Hardcore Haiku 2!!!

Friday, July 29th, 2005

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  • Egg’, the Boston Boy

    Had some fun at Science World

    …of the saintly stripe!!!

    (for more pics from the Fan Forum pilgrimage to Vancouver, scope out this damn comprehensive thread and see what you missed!)

    Thursday Fan Fun???

    Thursday, July 28th, 2005

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  • I couldn’t resist

    Putting this shot up early

    Dood and Eggplant RULE!

    (I believe this snap was taken whilst on a saintly excursion to Vancouver’s infamous Wreck Beach. Yeah. Naked nerds. Exactly. 😛 )

    Mid-Week Haiku Madness Continues!

    Wednesday, July 27th, 2005

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  • More Street Fighter fun

    with a Comicon CHUN LI

    some sweet costume work!


    Wednesday, July 27th, 2005

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  • Comicon echoes

    and Broken Saints parallels


    From the latest Forum Mailer…

    Monday, July 25th, 2005

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  • (Dearest kooks and cats – some quick newsworthy hits from the fan forum newsletter I sent out this morning. Lots of stuff happening, so be sure to spread the good word!)

    Hey Saints!

    As a surprise follow-up to the truly wonderful BBQ gathering this past weekend (Richard promises pics and vids SOON), it looks like a local panel I’ll be giving will be broadcast live online tonight!

    Just click on the link around 6:30PM Pacific Standard time and follow the tabs to Live Webcasts/Netcasts…you’ll need the newest Quicktime to view.

    OR, if you’re in the area, come on out and show your support with the saintly hardcore in attendance:

    The Art Institute of Vancouver
    3264 Beta Avenue, Burnaby, BC
    (the back studio Sound Stage – ETC)

    Expect some intriguing discussion and commentary from:

    – ADAM FULTON (5.1 DVD Mixer)
    DAVID KAYE (voice talent extraordinaire – ‘Lear’ from BS)
    – CAROL PARNELL (Telefilm New Media Producer)
    – TERRY FAIRFIELD (student dialogue engineer)
    – and…yours truly!

    Basically, this is a small way for us to thank the Art Intstitute for kindly donating their facilities and resources to the saintly cause over the course of last year. Come out in person, or tune in cyberspatially…it promises to be quite and evening’s entertainment 🙂

    And speaking of entertainment…


    More news to follow in the next mailer and on the blog, but if you can make it to Van in 3 weeks, you WON’T be disappointed. This promises to be something special!

    More soon, baboons…much love from here to there.

    Guess who’s hiding inside…?

    Sunday, July 24th, 2005

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  • At last night’s backyard BS BBQ bash (say that 5 times fast!), Ian strolled in with a shit-eating grin. Was it because he’d finally crawled out of his editing cavern and spent a weekend in the sun? Maybe. Or perhaps it was inspired by his first official flying lesson! Perhaps. But good money’s on the following – seems that the covert Mr Kirby was able to slide an extra-special easter egg on select regions of the worldwide documentary smash The Corporation. That’s cool – I’m all about civil disobedience – but why the big-ass smile? Well, this particular hidden treat seems to gel especially well with the mood and themes of the film…you know, logos and symbols and talk of ‘sickness‘ and ‘corruption‘. Hmm. Sounds a lot like a certain act in Broken Saints. Near the end. Best viewed with darkness and greenery. Damn skippy. So be sure to track down this wicked release at your local video haunt, and spread the good word of both Kirby Design-authored masterpieces!!! 🙂

    The Saints Came Marching In…

    Saturday, July 23rd, 2005

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  • From Quiet Corners

    We are graced by their presence

    The Saints Have Converged!!!


    (big ups to all the hardcores gracing BS HQ at this very minute – much love from all of us to our cyber friends and supporters around the world, and much more to come in the VERY near future!!!)

    Friday Fan Fun (for those in Vancouver!!!)

    Friday, July 22nd, 2005

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  • When you are looking

    for the saintly BBQ

    this pic might help you

    (it’s still on gang, rain or shine – be sure to check the Summer Party thread for any last-minute details on the Saturday gathering. We’re likely to start festivities around 5 or 6, and it might be smart to gather ourselves down at the Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver before trekking up the hill. Stay tuned…and don’t forget to bring your own booze ‘n’ grillables!!!)

    More like GUARDIAN Angels…

    Wednesday, July 20th, 2005

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  • Just getting our bearings after a whirlwind drive home that saw us incident-free on the road (though pushing 100mph on more than one occasion) and whisked effortlessly across the Canuck border (‘Nothing to declare? Sounds good – welcome home.’). But the real blessing for the BS Crew? The jaw-dropping – nay, DIVINE generosity and support of hardcore fan Fallen Angel and her incredible folks. Not only did FA work the booth in Shannie attire for the ENTIRE Con (attributing to more than her fair share of sales AND photo ops, let me tell you!), but her Mom and Dad opened their doors to us…literally! Kim, Drew and I were offered the warmest of welcomes, the sweetest of digs to crash in, and the finest of food to devour (Dutch pancakes, grilled artichokes, and bottomless vino? Heeeeaaaavvvveeeeennnn!!!).

    Right about now, I’m feeling that a bottle of BC Cab/Merlot and a couple of deli desserts as offerings just didn’t cut the mustard. They couldn’t. Not in a million years. The Saints can only shrink in the shadow of the Angels…and I can only hope and pray to be half the human that they collectively embody. Endless thanks, dear friends…and infinite respect from our shore to yours.

    Word is bond.

    Goodbye to Comicon Friends…

    Monday, July 18th, 2005

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  • Hey gang…we’re back on the long and winding road through Cali – this time on a northerly vector – with the lead-footed hope of beating our time down and reaching the Canuckle border sometime late tomorrow. Chances are good that we’ll pull it off, as the car’s considerably lighter than when we first packed it (yay DVD sales!). 🙂

    The nicest surprise of the show? What…BESIDES ogling awe-inspiring cosplayers? Or hearing Kevin Smith’s dick jokes in person? Or having Jeff and Jamie with us pimping their indie comic (Efraim, you were honestly missed)? Or staying at a dream-pad thanks to the immeasureable generosity of Fallen Angel’s folks? Or the fact that the Freeman crew at the Convention Centre could probably set up and tear down the Apocalypse in a half-day (and that’s INCLUDING union breaks)?

    Well…the coolest thing for me would have to be a combo of connecting with old friends (Gabe and Tycho of Penny Arcade pictured above – thanks for the link, mates!), making new ones, and finally meeting a scwack of saintly hardcores in the flesh!!!

    Consider us addicted, gang…many more such trips to come. But for now, I should get back to traffic and map duty for Kim so we can make it back in one piece from this amazing journey. Much love – and more pics soon!!!