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Tuesday Haiku-ery

Tuesday, May 16th, 2006

Nestled in Nature

Bathed in sunshine and birdsong

The keyboard beckons…

In Halls of the Elven Kings…

Saturday, May 13th, 2006

The plan? To slip out of town for a few weeks to finally finish the script for the long-whispered (yet mucho-mysterious!) ‘next project’. The problem? I have serious creative obstacles unless I’m blessed with a realm of relative silence, as well as vows from anyone in relative proximity that they’ll keep their chatter (and even mental activity) to the barest of minimums. I’m talking quiet of the ‘mineral life’ variety.

The solution? A creative commune in Gibsons, BC – run by a group of dredlocked psilocybic shamans on the fringes of existence.

And they call themselves…’The Fun-gineers’.

I might be a little…’different’…upon my return. 😀

Keep the good vibes coming – and thanks to all who wrote with best wishes for Drew’s Mom – genuinely touched by the kindess!!!

Word is Bond


Viral Fan Fun!!!

Tuesday, May 9th, 2006

(I just had this hit my inbox from hardcore BS peep EGGPLANT, and had to share it with the ‘hood. Included for your amusement is a chat log he attached with our saintly shop-keeper JOSHSPAZJOSH. Enjoy…and keep ’em peeled for a newsletter sometime tomorrow. For now, I need to sleep and process all the Wiicent information from E3. 😉 bb)

[23:07] The Eggplant: is up!
[23:08] joshspazjosh: nice
[23:08] joshspazjosh: wait
[23:08] joshspazjosh: why
[23:08] joshspazjosh: what is its purpose
[23:08] The Eggplant: should i let brooke know about it?
[23:08] The Eggplant: i DON’t KNOW!
[23:08] joshspazjosh: it’s so weird
[23:08] The Eggplant: viral marketing?
[23:08] joshspazjosh: lol
[23:08] The Eggplant: yeah…. exactly
[23:08] joshspazjosh: tell Brooke now
[23:09] joshspazjosh: send him an email
[23:09] The Eggplant: and then what?
[23:09] joshspazjosh: he will go insane
[23:09] The Eggplant: uhhhh
[23:09] The Eggplant: okay
[23:10] The Eggplant: brooke at right?
[23:10] joshspazjosh: yeah
[23:11] joshspazjosh: he will go nutes
[23:11] joshspazjosh: yeah not just nuts
[23:11] joshspazjosh: nutes
[23:13] The Eggplant: how does this sound:
[23:13] The Eggplant: – I’m not sure why I made this nor does it really have any purpose.
[23:13] joshspazjosh: lol
[23:13] joshspazjosh: he’s going to go insane
[23:14] joshspazjosh: you should have told him “tell FOX”
[23:14] The Eggplant: i’ll mention that you said he’ll go insane and “nutes”
[23:14] joshspazjosh: and they’ll buy it from you for $1000
[23:14] joshspazjosh: and turn it into a viral marketing site
[23:14] The Eggplant: i might as well just copy and paste this conversation
[23:15] joshspazjosh: whatevs

A Typical Weekend in LA-LA Land..?

Sunday, May 7th, 2006

He doesn’t even need to compensate…

It began with the usual 3hr flight from Van-city to the 10th Circle of Hell known as LAX.

With no extra baggage in tow, I whipped downstairs to the passenger pick-up zone and waited for good friend and legendary BS booster Fallen Angel to snag me from Hades jaws.

Little did I know that the fleshy face of God herself would be there to soothe my weary heart with warm banter, mild flirtation, and genuine interest in all things saintly. With a promo copy of the saga in her sweaty songstress mitts, I ran to the curb and officially began the weekend’s festivities!

LA freeways are another demonic device. Often, the only respite is to watch for very important people whizzing past you in very expensive machines – like a modified version of the old Punch-Buggy game, but rated by the driver’s level of celebrity and/or substance abuse record. The fellow in the pic to the right helped me rack up a formidable score…(bonus points if you can name the car, as it’s an old love of mine)

Cut to an evening of dive-bar karoake – now and forever established as ‘tradition’, thanks to the singular culture shock…and lingering fears of the non-bottled beverage and unlicensed firearm variety. But I fondly digress…

The next day, my mind and body – if not my very soul – were on loan to a wing of theEvil Empire. The marketing and PR crews that greeted me were interesting enough fems and fellows in their own right, if only for an uncannily natural grasp of Newspeak and a collective cubicle-sheik fashion sense. Hands were grasped. Plots were plotted. Glorious new packaging was ogled. And then, almost as soon as it had begun, I was whisked across the way for the now-standard ‘I’m in town so I might as well be productive‘ pitch. And it was…fun…in the ‘overtly comical’ sense. Particularly when my impassioned plot synopsis was interrupted mid-superlative by completely unrelated telephonic perk queries from this fellow. God bless those precious early seconds of lazily-managed speakerphone.

By now, the sun was setting with a smoggy shroud in the West, but our new distribby pals couldn’t let me slumber with an booze-free bloodsteam. A dearth of slickster attire on my part got more than its fair share of ogling here, but any discomfort was soon remedied by orgiastic consumption…and the pleasant result of corporate facades being dropped, and genuine humanity coming out to play. A wonderful night.

And then along came Saturday: early morning NPR, Green Tea Blackberry Frappuccinos, and easy HOV lanes all conspired to take my hand and swing it merrily through the oak and flowered gates of the SoCal Renaissance Fair. Eager throngs in all manner of period dress and dialect, excellent live performances of the comedic and/or physically adept variety, euphoria-inducing raspberry mead, and truly monstrous roast turkey legs (big enough to thrill the size-wench in all of us) made for a fantastic and festive experience. (snoopers of the Flickr variety might have a chortle and guffaw at my costumed expense)

All in all…? I’m starting to glean that I might actually have a life – indeed, perhaps even one possessing a scant degree of merit to various kin and the occasional passerby.

How did heck did that happen?


Colbert Post-Mortem…

Thursday, May 4th, 2006

A biting and politically-conscious giggle as I hit the Death Star and also drink myself back through time for a few days.

Gotta show respect to Stephen’s balls, man…they’re practically Hindenbergian.


10 Weeks and counting…

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006


…to the big show! We’d strongly suggest you plan a San Diego getaway for the third week of July.


Well – as has been the proverbial par for the course in the Clan of the Broken Saint – some scintillating surprises are in store.

Next week’s newsletter promises to be a doozy of the knock-you-on-your-ass variety. If you’re new to this whole schmozzle, go back to the main page and sign up lickety split.

Interesting times ahead…and omens are everywhere.