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Thursday, September 15th, 2005

  • I Dare You to Flick This Eye
  • Man…I honestly thought the new Nintendo controller was going to be the long-rumoured pair of independent ‘pods’, similar to the analog stick attachment shown here – but with all the features showcased at the TGS. Hmmm. I’m reserving judgment until I make both a funtional and ergonomic assessment (which might be sooner than you think)…but the customizable ‘magic wand’ concept is something I’ve supported since the earliest rumblings of VR.

    And…believe it or not, I’m still sticking by the 3D speculation (though obviously as a future peripheral once the installed base has shown enough support for the machine). For now, it looks like ‘control’ is the name of the game, with wireless wonders and downloadable nostalgia the order of the day.

    Oh…and is anyone going to show a smidgen of love for essentially nailing that a next-gen Pilotwings will be launching with this thing? That’s cool and all…but between the obvious potential for flight sims and nifty sword-fighting titles, you know what I really want to play?

    Table tennis.

    Think about it.

    Keep your flames to a minimum, ladies and ‘gentlemen’


    A Little More Fuel…

    Thursday, September 15th, 2005

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  • …for the fire.

    Sure, I may be biased – but unlike my detractors, I’m grammatically sound ๐Ÿ™‚

    For appreciators of solid Flash narratives – and questioners of official spin involving invisible airplanes and 5-sided military structures – go HERE.

    Let the debate rage on…

    Four Years Later…

    Monday, September 12th, 2005

    And slowly inching towards the truth.

    Touring the Devastation…Haiku style.

    Monday, September 12th, 2005

  • Courtesy of Brad Danks Eye
  • Photoshop? Maybe…

    But doesn’t a part of you

    see the truth in this?

    Friday Rumour Roundup

    Friday, September 9th, 2005

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  • Are the rumblings real

    Could a certain President

    take charge of FEMA???


    Seems the above haiku info might temporarily come to pass, or at least a gov’t established position as the new figurehead of the official relief effort – that’s what’s making the political rounds this morning. I can’t imagine the Bush mob ever agreeing to it – that’s a BIG piece of humble pie to swallow – but there’s honestly no better man for the job, all things considered.

    BTW, sorry for not posting much original material as of late. If it makes you feel a teensy bit better, I only have so much creative energy to spare over any given stretch – a truth one could logically use to deduce that said ‘juice’ is currently being ardently squeezed for some dastardly secret purpose.

    Hmmm…is that a clock I hear ticking? Thundering, actually.


    Have a great weekend, gang. Thanks to Gypsy, I’m off for a couple of relaxing days at a local retreat – though I’ll probably slip into violent withdrawal considering the no phone/computer rule. Hoping to recharge enough to be of some use at Kim’s Katrina benefit next Friday – more news on that in three days. Until then, copious smooches from the rainy place. Excelsior! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    RIP Little buddy…

    Tuesday, September 6th, 2005

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  • (From YAHOO NEWS via Forum freak ‘Dumbwhiteguy’)

    LOS ANGELES – Bob Denver, whose portrayal of goofy castaway Gilligan on the 1960s TV show “Gilligan’s Island” made him an iconic figure to generations of TV viewers, has died. He was 70.

    He died Friday at Wake Forest University Baptist Hospital in North Carolina of complications from treatment he was receiving for cancer, his agent, Mike Eisenstadt, told The Associated Press on Tuesday. His wife, Dreama, and children Patrick, Megan, Emily and Colin were with Denver, who also had undergone quadruple heart bypass surgery earlier this year.

    “He was my everything and I will love him forever,” Dreama Denver said in a statement.

    Denver’s signature role was Gilligan, but when he took the role in 1964 he was already widely known to TV audiences for another iconic character, Maynard G. Krebs, the bearded beatnik friend of Dwayne Hickman’s Dobie in the “The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis,” which aired on CBS from 1959 to 1963. Krebs, whose only desire was to play the bongos and hang out at coffee houses, would shriek every time the word “work” was mentioned in his presence.

    Gilligan on the other hand was industrious but inept. And his character was as lovable as he was inept. Viewers embraced the skinny kid in the Buster Brown haircut and white sailor hat. So did the Minnow’s skipper, Jonas Grumby, who was played by Alan Hale Jr., and who always referred to his first mate affectionately as “little buddy.”

    “Gilligan’s Island” writer-creator Sherwood Schwartz insisted that the show had social meaning along with the laughs: “I knew that by assembling seven different people and forcing them to live together, the show would have great philosophical implications.”

    Denver went on to star in other TV series, including “The Good Guys” and “Dusty’s Trail,” as well as to make numerous appearances in films and TV shows. But he never escaped the role of Gilligan, so much so that in one of his top 10 lists รขโ‚ฌโ€ “the top 10 things that will make you stand up and cheer” รขโ‚ฌโ€ “Late Show” host David Letterman once simply shouted out Denver’s name to raucous applause.

    “It was the mid-’70s when I realized it wasn’t going off the air,” Denver told The Associated Press in 2001, noting then that he enjoyed checking eBay each day to keep up on the prices “Gilligan’s Island” memorabilia were fetching.

    “I certainly didn’t set out to have a series rerun forever, but it’s not a bad experience at all,” he added.

    (here’s hoping the Afterlife finally graces you with fat Karmic royalties, Bob)

    Fan-inspired bliss…and a little Christian snuggle :)

    Saturday, September 3rd, 2005

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  • On the opening day of Anime Evolution, wayyy back on August 19th in the hallowed halls of BC’s Simon Fraser University, Andrew and I were met with much warmth and support by the local fan community. But no kind expression, or heartfelt kudo, or pledge of saintly gospel-spreading struck us as deeply as the teary-eyed silence of Jessica (sandwiched here between Drew and yours truly). Just before this momentous meeting, she had chased down Fallen Angel – garbed in swaddling Shanniness and pimping BS with her singular sass – and asked if she was indeed dressed as the little-known heroine of the saintly saga! The genuine fondness in this meeting will never be forgotten (as a local gal, I’ve already pledged to be an unofficial ‘overprotective uncle’ if the need should ever arise :)). Just seeing this snapshot stokes the fires of purpose – a poignant reminder of why we set out on this crazy journey in the first place. Thank you, Jessica – may you have all the Truth and Shuswap shores you could ever hope for.

    And speaking of truth, hope, and segues…

    David Dawes of Canadian Christianity has just posted a follow-up DVD review, and the smiles just keep coming – all in all, a good week thanks to the blessings of open-minded and beautiful people who continue to grace our lives:

    “On the darker side of Doomsday, a B.C.-based project that has quietly garnered worldwide acclaim is now a deluxe DVD. North Vancouver’s very own ‘cult hit,’ Broken Saints is an animated graphic novel which has unfolded in short installments online.

    The original was ground-breaking stuff – and the DVD boasts twice as many special effects, more dynamic music, and actors (including William B. Davis, the ‘Cigarette-Smoking Man’ from The X-Files) giving voice to more than three dozen characters. Conceived and written by Brooke Burgess, illustrated by Andrew West, and mixed and edited by Ian Kirby, the 12-hour extravaganza is most impressive.

    Broken Saints’ complex story combines suspense with an exploration of various spiritual concepts, and includes a substantial Christian component. One of the key characters is a lapsed Catholic computer programmer, whose encounter with the supernatural revitalizes his faith. The other protagonists are a Buddhist priest, a Muslim soldier and a mystical girl from the South Pacific.

    The four receive visions of a pending Apocalypse. However, Burgess revealed to BCCN, the heroes are being deceived by “a powerful philanthropist, [who] has been manipulating his corporate and military partners to execute the plan of his own design – the satellite-broadcasted triggering of a terrifying ‘global enlightenment’ that will kill millions and change the social order forever.” Heady stuff – and executed with flair.

    Some might find the occasional profanity and intense violence off-putting; others might feel the cryptic dialogue is a trifle pretentious. But all told, Broken Saints is a boldly creative, inspiring and spiritually enriching work. Burgess and his team are to be commended for pulling off a spectacular artistic coup.”