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Crossing the Pond (Fan Haiku)

Thursday, December 14th, 2006

The #1 UK Saint is coming to visit!!!

Give him some glasses

and Jay could pass for Raimi

just nix the Brit-speak πŸ˜€

A New Low for Viral Marketing

Wednesday, December 13th, 2006

SONY stirs up a lot of hate with this and other recent efforts to ‘activate consumers‘ and ‘leverage digital communities’. Hell…you know when the PA boys make a nasty strip about you, somebody must’ve fucked up royally.


BS lands in BRAZIL!!!

Tuesday, December 12th, 2006

Now if only they packed in a free thong…

Amigos novos!

De Rio ao Amazon!!

Long vivo os Saints!!!

The Latest Ep of Battlestar…

Monday, December 11th, 2006

…is named after a Tobias Tinker album!

It’s called Passage, and was penned by an ex-Buffy writer. Not the best I’ve seen by a long shot…but even mediocre BSG is better than most crap on the box.

Enjoy 43min of pirated goodness!!! πŸ˜€

Un Jour Splendide!!!

Friday, December 8th, 2006

BS hits the shelves in France!!!

Soulever vos verres!!!

Il est temps de célébrer!!!

La France a les Saints!!!

Stillness3 demo front cover

Friday, December 8th, 2006

Stillness3 – Eine Kleine Zonemusik(larger photo click here)

(posted by tobias)

Hi all, some routine shameless self-promotion here as per usual. I have recently formed a new trio here in Berlin with the intention of playing ambient, spacious, moody stuff (sound familiar?) in the context of a jazz piano trio. But not really jazz. But kind of.

I’d love some feedback about this – to see whether this kind of thing is of interest to anyone other than ourselves as it were… so I’ve posted some demo tracks (entirely improvised, culled from our inaugural jam session) on our MySpace page. I think despite the limitations of the recording environment, they sound reasonably decent and are worth listening to – but as I say, I’d be interested to see if anyone else thinks so…

hope someone hears and enjoys them, anyway… t

61 Questions of Fun…

Wednesday, December 6th, 2006

I almost NEVER do these kinda things, but being the Master Procrastinator that I am (screw that…I should have a Doctorate!), I decided to give it a whirl when the bulletin slid my way on MySpace.

Special ups to oldschool pal CJ for the afternoon inspiration – keepin’ the Manly Mantra alive and well, matey! πŸ™‚

61 Odd Questions…

1.) Do you talk in your sleep?
Only in tongues…

2.) Red Jello or Blue Jello?
Mmm…liquified cow bones and toxic food coloring. How could I say no to either??? πŸ˜›

3.) Whats the song thats getting on your nerves right now?
The one that’s in my head and on the page, but not yet orchestrated, recorded, and mixed!!!

4.) Current Crush?
It’s a tie between Rosario Dawson’s character in Clerks 2 and Katie Sackhoff (Starbuck) in Battlestar G. You know I love ’em flawed…

5.) What’s your favorite color?
Icy blue with just a glimmer of seafoam green. Yup – I’m the gayest straight man you’ll ever meet.

6.) Window seat or aisle seat?
Window – more chances to sleep with head support, and I’m a pro at bladder management.

7.) Ever met anyone famous?
Tons…and the rumour is true – they all seem shorter in person πŸ™‚

8.) Do you feel that you’ve had a truly successful life?
Depends how you measure ‘success’, now doesn’t it? πŸ˜›

9.) Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it?
Twirl and whirl like a Sufi dervish!

10.) Dr. Phil or Oprah Winfrey?
Shoot me in the face.

11) Basketball or Football?
The only sport I play with balls tends not to be a team thing…

12.) How long do your showers last?
About 10-15 minutes…but my baths can last for hours if the candes have long wicks!

13.) Do you know how to drive a stick?
Only my own.

15.) Are you self-conscious?
Aha…now that depends on your definitions of the Self and Consciousness!

16.) Have you ever given money to a bum?
Yes…but I hate the ‘bum’ label. We’re all just one crisis away from being ‘residentially challenged’.

18). Where do you wish you were?
In all points of space simultaneously…(what happend to #17?)

19. Have you ever ridden in an ambulance?
Yup….once as a hand-holder, and once as the bloodied meatsack.

20. Can you tango?
It’s on my to-do list…

21.) Last gift you received?
A beautiful plant that’s just waiting to bloom!

22.) Last sport you played?
I still have a wee shiner from sparring at the gym on Monday.

23.) Things you spend a lot of money on?
Rent. Food. Procrastination.

26) Favorite FAST food restaurant?
See next question…

27) Most hated food(s)?
See previous question…

28) Can you sing?
Anyone CAN sing…fuck, I used to be a karaoke host part-time…but you won’t see (or thankfully HEAR) me headlining Jesus Christ Superstar anytime soon.

29) Last person you called?
Kimmie V

30) What’s your least fav. chore?
Anything to do with ‘personal accounting’.

31. Favorite Drink?
Mood-dependent…but sparkling organic applejuice and a killer mocha are high on the list.

32) Are you a vegetarian?
So close…but then 2AM rolls around on Sat night and all I can think is ‘CHEESEBURGER’ in the same way that zombies cry ‘BRAAAAIIIIIINNNNSSSS’ LOL

33) Do you believe in Heaven?
If, as the song goes and the philosophers say, that ‘Life’s What You Make It’, then it stands to reason that the Afterlife would be the same.

34) Do you miss someone?
Yup…but more likely the ‘idea’ of her than the actual person.

35) Have you ever come close to dying?
I wasn’t joking about that ambulance ride earlier…

37) Are you eating?
Physically no…metaphorically always.

38) Do you eat the stems of broccoli?
If they’re steamed with love. πŸ™‚

39) Do you wear makeup?
Special occasions demand decoration!

40) Whats your worst fear?
That I’ve got it all wrong and Life is really just about feasting, fighting, fucking…and the great and terrible Void thereafter.

41) Would you ever have plastic surgery?
We Geminis have been known to have vanity issues…yes we have.

42) What do you wear to bed?
Longjohns in the winter…skin in the summer…and underwear or track pants on the off-seasons. But the shit-eating grin is year-round.

43) Have you ever done anything illegal?
I have broken many of Man’s and God’s laws…but my Higher Self’s an excellent Advocate and works for peanuts…or mushrooms!

44) Are you a good kisser?

45) What kind of sneakers do you wear usually?
Whatever can give my flat-footed ass temporary arches.

47) Future child’s name?
Brahm or Bodi for a boy. Maybe True for a girl. Depends on how conservative I feel that day…and how much influence my better half will exert πŸ™‚

50) Do you snore?
I didn’t think so…until an ex gave me breathe-rite nasal strips as an ‘early birthday gift’ πŸ˜›

51) If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?
The Center!!!

52) Do you sleep with stuffed animals?
Do inflatable ones count?

53) If you won the lottery what would you do first?
Fund my next opus and self-distribute!

54) Gold or silver?
Silver only against this skin.

55) Hamburger or hot dog?
The cry of drunken zombie-men around the world (this is for you, CJ): ‘CHEESBURGER…BLOW JOB…FOUR HOURS SLEEEEEEEEP’!!!

56) If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Greek. If that’s too broad, then blueberries. If girls are ever proven to actually be nutritious, then please strike previous answers from the record.

57) City, beach ,country?
A city loft…a country farmhouse…and a beach cabin. Trifecta!!!

58) What was the last thing you touched?
The keyboard, nimrod.

59) Where did you eat last?
At a wee local cafe called Citroen – damn tasty grub (though I’m still feeling that caramel apple pie and whip cream, dammit)

60) When was the last time you cried?
Monday night, when I caught the latest episode of BSG on YouTube. Apollo and Starbuck can milk my ‘tear teets’ every time…

61) Do you read blogs?
Read ’em. Write ’em. Can’t remember a time without ’em…sadly.

Smooches! (and feel free to snag and customize with your own scintillating tidbits)


Tuesday Haikuery

Tuesday, December 5th, 2006

It came suddenly

as if the clouds themselves fell

Winter Wonderland


Sunday, December 3rd, 2006

Watch the vid. Read the accompanying story. Cry a little. Or a lot (especially if the schmaltzy music is forgiven). And hopefully get inspired with the Holy-days looming. The world can be good…because YOU can be goodness!

Rare GYBE Concert footage!

Friday, December 1st, 2006

A little blurry…but it’s 10 MINUTES LONG!!! πŸ˜€